Open October to April every season, 7 days a week.

Ben & Heidi Rosewarne

Thornton Road, Whakatane

Phone 07 308 0444

OPEN 8am - 5.30pm Every day


Currently closed


Enjoy our interesting range of blueberry inspired products from Blueberry Chocolates, Blueberry juice, Blueberry tea, Blueberry soap, Blueberry Jam, Blueberry sauce. Berry icecreams and smoothies and not to forget daily fresh blueberry baking!

We are now fully certified organic at Blueberry Corner for our blueberries.

We do also harvest blueberries from 2 other locations which are spray free and also some are conventional blueberries. We always label so you will know exactly what you are buying! Its your choice what you buy.

Fresh Blueberries (Nov–March)
Fresh Strawberries
(October – March)
Fresh Raspberries(november – March)

Fresh Boysenberries (December – January)