Open October 17th to April every season, 7 days a week.

Ben & Heidi Rosewarne

Thornton Road, Whakatane

Phone 07 308 0444

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17th October 2018

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All About Blueberry Corner

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Blueberry Corner, owned by Ben and Heidi Rosewarne, started as an orchard shop in 2005 to add to the already well established orchard business of

local and export blueberries.

Ben and Heidi shifted to Whakatane in 2002 - formerly from south Taranaki, with their then young family.

After purchasing the first orchard on Te Rahu Road, then came the addition of Blueberry Corner in 2005, in 2009 the addition of another Blueberry orchard at Nukuhou north. And then in 2017 another 7 Ha orchard was added to the operation. This orchard was cleared of citrus and apple trees to make way for a high tech blueberry orchard, with covered tunnel canopies and fully irrigated with fertigation using a grower software to move towards more controlled, protected growing giving earlier varieties and larger volumes.

With all four orchards and the growing season harvesting from October through to April, this gives the ability to have fresh blueberries here in New Zealand and right here in whakatane for nearly 7 months of the year.

With a family that also really love blueberries came a conscious effect to move away from a lot of conventional growing practices to that of more ecologically friendly farming practices.

Both really aware of chemicals and residues, Ben and Heidi are constantly trialling new methods of controlling bugs and diseases. Fortunately blueberries require very little in the way of insecticides so this has been easy with the help of this remarkable little berry that has gained so much attention lately for its high antioxidants and diseases fighting properties.